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It was one of those really stupid ideas that we can all be grateful someone had the guts to follow through with. Streams Videos All Posts. Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language.

Other remixers have strained and rebelled against the constraints of form. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Dub Side of the Moon

There will be plenty of reggae fans who will still blanch at the original concept and as many who will see that ventures like this bring new listeners into the fold. This second re-imagining rightly uses its predecessor as a launch mooj while keeping the Floyd’s uniquely ambivalent overall mood, but allows the re-mixers ideas to take flight.

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More by Easy Star All-Stars

At the end you realize that you were wrong to even think this was a dumb idea to begin with — dub’s psychedelic mysticism is a perfectly good match for Pink Floyd ‘s mannered weirdness. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. Genre Reggae International Jazz.


For dubber side of the moon new Dubber Side, the tracks are massaged, cajoled and sometimes forced into new shapes, resulting in a similar collage of well-worn dub motifs echoing snares, melodica with more progressive sounds.

You can add or edit information about Dubber Side of the Moon at musicbrainz. Guests included deejay Ranking Joe, harmony group The Meditations and roots archaeologist Corey Harris — and a hugely successful franchise spawning Radiohead and Beatles albums was born.

Brain Damage Roger Waters. And yes, it works far, far better than tbe have any right to expect.

‎Dubber Side of the Moon (Bonus Track Version) by Easy Star All-Stars on Apple Music

Step It Pon the Rastaman Scene. For numerous reasons, reggae crossover successes are an all-too-rare thing. Michael G’s poignant remix of his own Time Version — despite a touch of dubstep — is understandably fairly respectful of its parent.

In label owner Lem Dubber side of the moon realised both the Floyd and 70s dub were often owned by the same people and dispatched co-producers Michael “G” Goldwasser and Victor “Tickla” Axelrod to synthesize the two using the house band.

Yes, it’s a reggae version of the Pink Floyd classic Dark Side of the Moonevery track drastically reworked and presented in the same order as on the original album. If you choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page.


BBC Review Tracks are massaged, cajoled and sometimes forced into new shapes. Every track works well, but highlights include a very fine and uncredited jungle mix of “On the Run” and the great singer-deejay combo track “Time,” on which Corey Harris ‘ chesty baritone singing voice is nicely counterbalanced by Ranking Dubbeer ‘s speed-rap.

New York label Easy Star’s well-judged reworking of Pink Floyd ‘s million-selling album was one — and this follow-up remix set repeats the trick of being equally accessible whether you care for the source dubber side of the moon or not.

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