Access level of field fFailureTimestamps has been changed from public to private. I had this problem with a multi module project libgdx. Drag and Drop doesn’t work. A static field from a super-interface of a client class may hide a field with the same name inherited from new super-class and cause IncompatibleClassChangeError exception. Chiara 1, 13 In android studio, the depenedency files are autogenerated.

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Drag and Drop doesn’t work. This is because the Test output path cannot be set on AndroidStudio. One module is pure Java and has junit-4.7.jar. I have junit-4.7.jar here stackoverflow. I had the same problem but for another reason. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. My solution was to set “use alternative JRE” to “Java 1. A client program may be interrupted by IllegalAccessError exception. This makes sure no android.

I have a gradle android project that uses robolectric junit-4.7.jar described here: What version of intellij?

File listing for project JUnit

I had this problem with a multi module project libgdx. Otherwise NullPointerException during test run.


Yossi Shmueli 3 7. To fix this, i have added these two lines in my app gradle junit-4.7.jar as it’s explained here:.

Return value type has been changed from Junit-4.7.jar. Now the test runner will be happy as it loads the new JUnit version.

Download junitjar : junit « j « Jar File Download

Still trying to understand what went wrong, junit-4.7.jar this should do the trick for now. Junit-4.7.jar problem happens because Android Platform android. This is still experimental and there are some manual steps to junit-4.7.jar this up. IDEA test runner loads these classes and sees that they are from the old JUnit, while you are trying to use annotated tests which is a feature of the new JUnit, therefore you get the error from the test runner.

You don’t really need to use 1. Is there any Other way around to solve this issue?

Central Repository: junit/junit/

Gabor 3, 3 21 The solution is simple, open the Junit-4.7.jar Structure Modules Dependenciesand move the junit Take a look at this https: Uwe Post 2 9. Adios to Winter Bash Intellij 9, the latest patch. This is really dumb but IntelliJ wasn’t nice enough to indicate me what’s wrong, so I got stuck on that. On other machines same project, same version of AS I found junit-4.7.jar when running unit tests, the IDE does not add the android.


It works but Android Studio still have issues with auto-generating junit.47.jar for tests so each time you have to fix running configuration by re-selecting junit-4.7.jar package. Sign up using Facebook. Binary compatibility report for JUnit: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued junit-4.7.jar of the website junit-4.7.jar subject to these policies.

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