SetTargetDatabase string, Enum – the target database name that will be imported to and the default character set. This tool is develop in C but useable in VB. Sign up using Email and Password. Backup lost Unicode data and can not Restore the binary data adriancs Jan By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. All of these settings are configured in ExportInfo.

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Start psi ; process. Sign up using Email and Password. Alexandre Marcus dos Santos Aug Nguyen Van Bay 6-Jan Export ExportInformations – Execute mysqlbackup.dll export backup process.

Tables in the database are mysqlbackup.dll with the same charset and collation.

Download MySqlBackup.NET – MySQL Backup Solution for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET

Another benefits of making this tool is, we mysqlbackup.dll have to rely on two small programs – MySqlDump. Hello, I have tested the dump file that you have uploaded at my local computer and db4free. ExportRows bool true Gets or Sets a value indicates whether the Rows should be exported. First Prev Next Perfect for my purpose! Perfect for my purpose!


See whether the problem is still mysqlbackup.dll or not. Myssqlbackup.dll to erase all headers and footers of the dump content by executing the following and try to see the result. Default value is 1MB. Add your comments on how to improve this article here. NET Programming Mysqlbackup.dll and some sample codes on how to use it.

NET 2nd method, add all the CS files into your source code directly. NET error Member Feb 1: MySQL Workbench is good for developers, but, when comes to client or end-user, the recommended way is to get every parameter preset and all they mysqlbackup.dll to know is press the big button “Backup” and everything is done.

Some mysqlbackup.dll with unicode is inputted. Although the mysqlbaackup.dll is for the older version V1. Sets the ImportInformations about this import process.

mySQL backup and restore c# – Stack Overflow

I tried to convert your sample in vb. SetDocumentFooters lstFooters ; mb.


Hello, I have tested the dump file that you have uploaded at my local computer and db4free. Option for mysqlbackup.dll Insert by line? Yes, I did try both export and import before posting the previous. Mysqlbackup.dll was wondering why there was a size difference? Maybe it is because of the encoding. Clivic TR 8-Apr 4: Golden Basim Mar 3: We will have better control on the output result. In had the same problem and after update the reference to the MySQL. During Export, StreamWriter is opened and closed several times when writting to the dump file, which mysqlbackup.dll is considered as not a good practice.

RunWorkerAsync ; else MessageBox. You can upload it some where else for me to download. Some data with unicode is inputted.