Then you will see that XMind has highlighted the topics with the filtered marker or label. Hi I need markers for a PC, a Diagnostic Station workstation with 5mp monitors , and dicthaphones, do you know where i can get them. At the same time, it offers you the approach to add your own markers into XMind for special application context. In i made my own set op icons. This occurs at all levels of zoom and in drill down to a particular topic.

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Actually, XMind can also import your own markers by marker package and file, which may makes your work easier. Have a nice day.

For these situations, XMind offer you the xmind markers to export your own marker as a marker package.

XMind Blog: Add your own markers and share marker package

I therefore suspect this is related. For this case, they seems fuzzy. Still, the main problem seems to be the sizes of the Imported markers. I believe it would be better, if there was a shortcut at least assignable to delete a marker for xmind markers marker group. If i open my xmind file in version 6 some icons are not visible.


XMind Ltd. | How to add my own markers/clip arts into

But useful markers for daily business, such as Medal, or Trophy, are in there of course. Imported markers scale horribly. Hmmmm… What I have to say? Within XMind, xmind markers can be added into mind map by xmind markers operations. Hi Diego Thanks for your Post I am trying to find a way to have the keyboard shortcuts applied to my own Marker Set — is this Possible and six shortcuts would be sufficient. I get a red cross.

Or am I incorrect? I like the layout where it is carried in this web-site Cheers: They display correctly in the markers tab, but as [X] in the page, filter, and drop downs when switching between icons. With the added markers, you xmind markers design mind maps more effectively and precisely.

I guess the filter functionality can help. But for the custom markers, XMind can only resize them to adapt the topic font size. How can we achieve this? Hello Diego, Nice to xmind markers you. If you select the marker of priority 1, then XMind will highlight the topics with priority 1 marker. I use xmind only with keyboard whenever possible and this forces me to make several clicks with a mouse, just to remove a marker, which I use in large amounts.


What is the recommended size for clean scaling? Markers stand for business tools.

How To Create Your Own XMind Marker File

Xmind markers appropriate use of marker can beautify mind map, improve the communication efficiency and simplify your mind map. Click the links and download them. But we could set our personal keyboard shortcuts to the system markers.

On reopening all of my custom markers were converted to the dmind. This occurs at all levels of zoom and in drill down to a particular topic. XMind has integrated many markers for expressing various meanings in advance. The limitation on the markers size is really annoying and I would love to xmind markers some action from XMind developers to address that.

Check the priority marker or label checkbox in the coming dialog. Is there a limitation to the number of markers supported in each set?